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> In point of fact, the big patches that aren't in 8.3 were rejected
> because they weren't ready.  They won't get into 8.4, either, unless
> someone does a lot more work on them.  So I don't follow this idea
> of how we have a pre-loaded queue of good stuff all ready to go into
> 8.4.  We thought that was true for the 8.3 cycle, which it wasn't,
> but there isn't even any basis to think that about 8.4.

Incidentally what big features do we have in progress?

I see:

. GII - there's been discussion about some kind of refactoring the index api
        to avoid the layer violations here.

. Bitmap Indexes - needs a design review and probably changes
                   possibly needs the same api refactoring as GII

. DSM - I think Heikki's idea to implement the storage via the buffer manager
        so it doesn't have fixed size storage limitations like the FSM is a
        good one

. Recursive Queries - I haven't really started the meat of it but wouldn't
                      mind feedback on the outline I posted a while back

There are some more in the developer.postgresql.org patch status page but I'm
not too familiar with what's missing for those.

It does seem like most of these are blocked waiting on ideas rather than SMOP
issues, so I'm not sure counting on them to be ready on a particular schedule
is going to be especially safe. Of course the ideas are more likely to come
once we start discussing the issues. I imagine everyone's focused on the beta
right now.

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