> We could release "alpha" releases. But that assumes that these reviews
> actually result in stuff getting committed even if they're not 100%
> complete. I think that would be a good thing but I don't think everyone
> else agrees. Also, not all reviewers are committers.

This is what I'm thinking, too.  It would be a *lot* easier for the Sun 
peformance team (and presumably others) to test performance of stuff which 
was getting committed rather than having to hunt down *this* version of 
*that* patch and apply it against the snapshot from *this specific date* ...

(puts PR hat on) it would also allow me to keep up a stream of info to the 
community and tech press about the new features and optimizations we're 
working on, which would mean better coverage for each feature.

Josh Berkus
PostgreSQL @ Sun
San Francisco

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