> Maybe. I'm looking for ways to increase the amount of development time
> we have compared with time releasing. If we release twice as often, we
> won't get twice the beta test contribution from everybody, so our code
> will be less robust, which will hurt us in the long run.

I don't think we actually want to release more than once a year, except 
maybe moving the annual release date a couple months one way or the other 
(December is not a great time to be releasing SW).  1 year is a good 
compromise between the developers (who would like a release every 6 
months) and the corporate users/packagers (who would like a release every 
3 years).

Plus, for the developers and other people who really need to be 
bleeding-edge, this new plan would result in less-unstable snapshots every 
2 months with defined feature sets which someone who wanted to run them at 
their own risk could.  Which would result in more bug reports, earlier, 
for us (and lots of forwarding the canned 
"milestone-releases-are-not-stable" canned e-mail).


Josh Berkus
PostgreSQL @ Sun
San Francisco

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