> Since there are always bugs, and we're certainly not going to schedule a
> round of formal beta testing right after each commit-fest, I should
> think that tarballs made right after a commit-fest would be particularly
> unlikely to be good candidates for non-developer use.
> (Actually, it might be the case that a CVS snap from just *before*
> a commit-fest would be the most stable development-cycle code, since
> there'd have been time to shake out bugs committed in the previous
> fest... but we're even less likely to do beta testing on that.)

Hmmm.  Well, what I'm looking for is a milestone build we can grab for 
testing purposes.  Right now we grab the daily snapshots, but there's no 
archive of those, so we're often fighting the fact that a patch developer 
did his patch on a different snapshot than you have and there's no going 
back, so you have to share not just the patch but the entire PG tree it's 

If we had milestone snapshots of each 2 months ... probably just before 
each commit-fest ... and kept them available on until 
official beta, then it would make it easier for testers to have a common 
point of reference to work with.


Josh Berkus
PostgreSQL @ Sun
San Francisco

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