On 10/24/07, Magnus Hagander <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> On Wed, Oct 24, 2007 at 11:04:34AM +0300, Marko Kreen wrote:
> > On 10/24/07, Magnus Hagander <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> > > > The main problem with using Git on a much larger scale is that there's
> > > > still limited ability to use it on Win32.  Google is working on that:
> > > > http://code.google.com/p/msysgit/ but it's not quite there yet; there's
> > > > also a partial MinGW port.
> > >
> > > IIRC the official word from the git people is that they don't care about 
> > > windows. As long as they say that, I consider that a dealbreaker.
> > >
> > > And from a quick look that google project is still just for msys, which 
> > > is a dependency that we've rid ourselves of.
> > >
> > > If we're going to switch scm, we should switch to one that's supported on 
> > > our platforms...
> >
> > Well, that _was_ the official word from core git devs, in the sense
> > that they wonr put any effort to windows support and any support
> > should not obfuscate core code.  But there were other devs who
> > decided to work on it and the windows support is humming along well:
> >
> >  http://marc.info/?l=git&m=119283639121273&w=2
> >
> > Note that msys is needed for _building_ git not using it.
> Ah. Like I said, only gave it a quick look :-) As long as it works without
> msys, I'm fine with that. Once they reach non-alpha state, of course. (I'm
> not going to comment on the relative merits of the different scms - as long
> as it works, and it not unsupported in a way that it can suddenly break and
> not be quickly fixed...)

I agree with Tom that there is no hurry to switch main SCM to
something else.  At least git users are served via repo.or.cz
very well, I hope there is something like that for Mercurial too.

Only problem is that there is a certain historical obstacle
for DSCM users who want to submit their patches...


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