Tom Lane wrote:
> [ chewing on this a bit... ]  The curious thing about that is that
> despite this being designed to be a short release cycle, we ended up
> landing a bunch of major patches that weren't on the radar screen at
> all at the start of the cycle.  This suggests to me that there's
> something wrong with the concept that no one can get anything major done
> without a long release cycle to do it in.
> Indeed, the thing that seemed to me to be killing us in this freeze
> cycle was that the patches coming in were already at the upper limit of
> what we can review and digest.

Yep.  Hopefully with the patches applied in 8.3 we can have more
confidence in several patch submitters so there is less reviewing
required, and these new people can help review too.

> I'd rather encourage people to work in an incremental, not-so-big-bang
> fashion.  Obviously one of the requirements for that will be quicker
> review turnaround and commit, so that there's time to build on a
> previous patch...

Sounds good.

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