At 19:46 11/03/01 -0500, Gregory Bittar wrote:
>The last I heard, CallableStatements were going to be
>part of the 7.1 release.  I downloaded the latest 7.1
>snapshot (March 10th's) and was surprised to find that
>the Connection objects for both JDBC1 and JDBC2 drivers
>are hardcoded to throw an error when CallableStatements
>are attempted.  Does this mean that CallableStatements
>will not be in 7.1?

That was the idea back when 7.0 was done, but with one thing or another 
it's got delayed. There is a group of students working on it as a class 
project but that won't be done until 7.2 (probably).

>My project is leaning heavily on CallableStatements and
>I have a deadline looming, so I'd appreciate an answer
>on this if possible.  Thanks a lot.
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