Thanks for your really timely response.   It is appreciated.

Forging ahead, are there any workarounds for this process?  I was thinking
about reorganizing things around log/event tables.   An insert to a log
table would trigger my stored procs, which would in turn apply more
complicated business rules and SQL updates to my regular domain tables.
This keeps the cost of database interaction down to one connection.  I can't
seem to figure out a way to return an integer code though.   I could insert
the return code in the log table record and then do a subsequent select to
find the result.   I'd have to tag the log table record with some unique
value to make sure I retrieve the correct record/return code value.  Is this
the best that I can hope for?

I want to thank you btw.  All I can say is that the whole effort is very
much appreciated by programmers like me who can afford to go commercial with
an affordable, professional quality database.

Peter Mount wrote:

> That was the idea back when 7.0 was done, but with one thing or another
> it's got delayed. There is a group of students working on it as a class
> project but that won't be done until 7.2 (probably).

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