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> Actually it was the changes in version 1.21 on 2/13 that broke this. 
> The cvs log for that change includes the following comment:
>   - Removed need for SimpleDateFormat in ResultSet.getDate() improving 
> performance.
> My guess is the the code as written would work correctly for a 'date' 
> column, but doesn't work for a 'timestamp' column.  Is there a reason 
> you are not using getTimestamp() to get the value of the timestamp
> column?

One of the first things I'm doing once 7.1 is out is add some sanity checking 
so that the get/set methods on Date, Timestamp, integer, double etc so that 
getDate() on a Timestamp would work, but also getTimestamp() on a Date column.

However, this isn't going to be that easy, and (when I thought of this) 7.1 was 
already in beta - and this being new functionality couldn't be put in ;-)


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