On Thu, 3 May 2001, Barry Lind wrote:

> With regards to your specific problem, my guess is that you haven't 
> created you database with the proper character set for the data you are 
> storing in it.  I am guessing you simply used the default SQL Acsii 
> character set for your created database and therefore only the first 127 
> characters are defined.  Any characters above 127 will be returned by 
> java as ?'s.
> If this is the case you will need to recreate your database with the 
> proper character set for the data you are storing in it and then 
> everything should be fine.

Thanks, you are right!

The main problem was that I had not enabled the multibyte support for
database. (I believe fairytale and supposed that correct locale
setting will be enough.)

So my humble wish is that the instructions in the INSTALL file should be

          Allows the use of multibyte character encodings. This is
          primarily for languages like Japanese, Korean, and Chinese. Read
          the Administrator's Guide for details.

I think that this is a little bit missleading. 

There is correct information in the Administrator's Guide, so I should
have to read the Guide, but but... The world would be much better place,
if there is little mention in the installation instruction that this
concerns also 8-bit chars...

But anyway, it works now very fine, thanks!

BR, Jani

Jani Averbach

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