Tony Grant <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> What kind of error message does "createdb -E LATIN1" give on a non
> MULTIBYTE backend? 

$ createdb -E LATIN1 foo
/home/postgres/testversion/bin/pg_encoding:  not found.
createdb: "LATIN1" is not a valid encoding name

> Maybe there needs to be a note somewhere informing people from Europe
> that they too need MULTIBYTE as an option at compile time. i.e. In a
> bright yellow box in the HTML docs...

But they *should not* need it, if they only want to use an 8-bit character
set.  Locale support should be enough.  Or so I would think, anyway.
I have to admit I have not looked very closely at the functionality
that's enabled by MULTIBYTE; is any of it really needed to deal with
LATINn character sets?

                        regards, tom lane

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