On 04 May 2001 11:40:48 -0400, Tom Lane wrote:

> > I fought with this for a few days. The solution is to dump the database
> > and create a new database with the correct encoding.
> > MULTIBYTE is not neccesary I just set the type to LATIN1 and it works
> > fine.
> But a non-MULTIBYTE backend doesn't even have the concept of "setting
> the encoding" --- it will always just report SQL_ASCII.

OK I just read the configure script for my backend - you guessed it
multibyte support and locale support compiled in there... So createdb -E
LATIN1 works just fine =:-b
> Perhaps what this really says is that it'd be better if the JDBC code
> assumed LATIN1 translations when the backend claims SQL_ASCII.
> Certainly, translating all high-bit-set characters to '?' is about as
> uselessly obstructionist a policy as I can think of...

I will be adding this snippet to my doc on techdocs in the French
version. It will save somebody a lot of head scratching.

Tony Grant

RedHat Linux on Sony Vaio C1XD/S

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