I agree that this is needed.  In fact I know Bruce wants to do something 
in this area.  In fact he sent out a few months ago a sample of the code 
after it had been cleaned up by some tool.  At the time no one seemed to 
be very interested.  Going forward for 7.2 I think now is the time that 
something should be done.  We need the equivalent of pgindent for java.

I am OK with the style used for the C code.  However I would like the 
following additional step done for the java code:  replace all tabs with 

I often end up viewing files in editors/viewers other than the one I 
normally code with.  Having to worry about getting the tab settings 
correct so that the code is readable is a pain (and sometimes not 
possible depending on the editor).  I have personally adopted in my java 
IDE of choice (JBuilder) to have the IDE automatically replace tabs with 
spaces for this reason.


Liam Stewart wrote:
> I suggest that the JDBC driver adopt PostgreSQL's indentation standards 
> (see PostgreSQL developers FAQ, question 1). I see that some source
> files have used this standard, but the vast majority do not. We should
> have a standard for consistency and our own sanity if nothing else.
> Liam

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