On Tue, Sep 04, 2001 at 12:43:21PM -0700, Barry Lind wrote:
> I am OK with the style used for the C code.  However I would like the 
> following additional step done for the java code:  replace all tabs with 
> spaces.

Oh noooooo! Barry's stumbled over the tripwire of the Tab/Spaces flamewar trap!
Everyone duck!

More seriously, this was actually voted on some time ago. (Check the HACKERS
archives) Since the JDBC source is well segregated from the rest of the
tree, it can have a different style, but if you want to adopt the 'standard'
style, I'd suggest going all the way. 

In the other hand, since you'll need to use a different tool to maintain the
style (unless Bruce update his pgident to handle java ...) it'll never be
completely the same, anyway. I'd image that the core developers will go with
whatever the JDBC maintainers want.


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