Rene Pijlman <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> Reading the book "Understanding the SQL standard" it seems that
> what the standard calls a schema is a database in PostgreSQL. A
> catalog is a set of schemas. Following the standard, a session
> is supposed to have access to a catalog, but in PostgreSQL it
> has access to a database.

> Perhaps this feature has not yet been implemented because of
> such fundamental mapping problems.

I think it'd be a mistake to expend much effort on this issue in JDBC
right now.  We will eventually implement SQL92-compliant schemas in the
backend, and once that happens it'll be possible to do something
reasonable with the catalog metadata routines in JDBC.  If you try
to make a half-usable implementation now, you'll just create backwards-
compatibility issues for the real implementation later.  So my counsel
is: acknowledge that it's broken, but ignore it for now.

When is "eventually"?  Possibly 7.3, but I can't promise anything...

                        regards, tom lane

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