I am trying to retrieve information about the structure of the database 
using the DatabaseMetadata class.  I am using version 7.1.3 and the latest 
JDBC Drivers I can find.  I got similar results with the versions supplied 
with Mandrake 8.0 (7.0.3 and associated drivers)

The problems are:

1. No Index information from the getIndexInfo method
2. Indexes included as tables in getTables
3. Only one column in the entire database is returned in getColumns
4. The catalog name is not returned in getTables
5. Comment columns contain 'No Comment' instead of null

I have tried many variations in the parameters, but would prefer 
catalogName = catalog, schema = null, and tableName = table (where 

None of these problems have occurred on Sun's JdbcOdbc Bridge, Oracle's or 
MySQL's drivers, so I am fairly confident that my code works.  Is there any 
chance of getting these problems fixed?  Where are the sources, as I am 
willing to take a look at them to try at least identify the problems in 
more detail, even if I don't know Posgres well enough to actually fix them.



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