I am unsure what you mean by very long transaction.  A transaction is 
defined by issueing a 'begin' statement, followed sometime later by a 
'commit' or 'rollback'.  Therefore a long transcation would imply a long 
period of time between the begin and the commit or rollback.  There is 
no limit that I am aware of on the length in time for a transaction.

My guess is that you mean by 'long transaction' is really 'long 
statement'.  In postgres versions prior to 7.0 the server had an 8k 
limit on statement/query length.  That was removed in 7.0, however the 
7.0 jdbc driver still had the limit.  I believe the 7.0.3 jdbc driver 
finally removed the 8K statement length limit and it is certainly 
removed in the 7.1 driver.

On your second questions, what sort of data truncation are you talking 
about?  Could you provide an example?


Alexaki Sofia wrote:
> Hello,
> I use the PostgreSQL 7.0.2 JDBC Driver.
> I can see that very long transaction are not supported. Is there any
> limit in the transaction size?
> My second querstion is about data truncation. As I can see postgresql
> JDBC driver doesn't report a DataTruncation warning when  a data
> value is truncated. Is there any other way to detect data truncation?
> Thanks in advance for your help.
> Best Regards,
> Sofia Alexaki
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