You wrote:
>> I can see that very long transaction are not supported. 

Where or how did you see that?

>As far as transaction is concerned, my question was if there is any limit
>to the number of statements (select/insert/update) that can be
>in one single transaction.
>Is is possible postgresql buffer size influence transaction
>I had a transaction with thousands of statements that I neeeded
>to split it into a number smaller transaction in order to be able to
>store it.

What does that mean exactly? What went wrong with the original
long transaction?

Was it an executeBatch() with a lot of statements, or a lot of
individual statements? What version of the PostgreSQL driver and
backend are you running?

>Let's say that I have a field in a table having tha type VARCHAR(100)
>And I store to this field a value having 200 characters. Only the
>first 100 characters of the value will be stored.
>I think that in this case according to JDBC, a Data Truncation warning
>should be  reported.

Our driver does not yet support DataTruncation warnings. That's
documented on

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