Thanks for your reply.

As far as transaction is concerned, my question was if there is any limit
to the number of statements (select/insert/update) that can be
in one single transaction.
Is is possible postgresql buffer size influence transaction
I had a transaction with thousands of statements that I neeeded
to split it into a number smaller transaction in order to be able to
store it.

>I am unsure what you mean by very long transaction.  A transaction is
>defined by issueing a 'begin' statement, followed sometime later by a
>'commit' or 'rollback'.  Therefore a long transcation would imply a long
>period of time between the begin and the commit or rollback.  There is
>no limit that I am aware of on the length in time for a transaction.

>n your second questions, what sort of data truncation are you talking
>about?  Could you provide an example?

Let's say that I have a field in a table having tha type VARCHAR(100)
And I store to this field a value having 200 characters. Only the
first 100 characters of the value will be stored.
I think that in this case according to JDBC, a Data Truncation warning
should be  reported.

Alexaki Sofia wrote:
> Hello,
> I use the PostgreSQL 7.0.2 JDBC Driver.
> I can see that very long transaction are not supported. Is there any
> limit in the transaction size?
> My second querstion is about data truncation. As I can see postgresql
> JDBC driver doesn't report a DataTruncation warning when  a data
> value is truncated. Is there any other way to detect data truncation?
> Thanks in advance for your help.

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