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Hello !

>It sounds like an encoding problem. You can check the encoding of the db
>by using \encoding in psql.
>There is a section in the docs on this

Yes I read it, but it didn't help me much, I also tryed this :

postgres@sashimi:~$ psql -l ekai
         List of databases
  Database  |  Owner   | Encoding
  ekai      | postgres | UNICODE
  template0 | postgres | SQL_ASCII
  template1 | postgres | SQL_ASCII
(6 rows)

The problem is with database ekai... Accents, once again are ok in INSERT
but not in SELECT, and only with JDBC, not with psql (psql works perfectly).

Denis Bucher

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>When INSERTing a value like "Genève" it works, but when doing a SELECT
>are troncated when containing acents :
>"Genève" is received as "Gen"
>"Thé froid" as "Th"
>"Hosomaki végétarien" as "Hosomaki v"
>and so on ...

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