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Hello !

Not reading the mailing-list very often I only answer now. I suppose I started
the thread about this bug...

>This is a follow-up to my post a few days ago about the JDBC driver
>chopping of strings at non-ASCII characters.  First a brief summary of
>the problem:

You exactely have the same problem as I have.
And my base is also UNICODE...

>I guess this is some initialization queries the driver does on
>startup.  Then to my query.  I summarized the results in a table to
>make it easier to follow.
>Inserted     The JDBC driver byte buffer    JDBC string
>abcdefgh     61 62 63 64 65 66 67 68        abcdefgh
>abŠ°ň        61 62 e6 f8 e5                 ab
>ab▓          61 62 b2                       ab
>▀¸ąú         df f7 a5 a3
>The byte buffer seems to be in the ISO8859-1 character set and not
>UTF8 as the UNICODE database encoding expects.  The error was probably
>introduced during the INSERT.

Well, are you sure ? With *all* tools, that can be psql or pgdump_all, 
everything seems
right, look at an extract of a dump :
6       6       PPN     Nigiri mixte    t       t
7       7       PNS     Nigiri sakÚ     t       t
8       8       PNT     Nigiri maguro   t       t
9       9       PNM     Nigiri sakÚ maguro      t       t
43      43      PSM     Petit Nigiri maguro     t       t
44      44      PSS     Petit Nigiri sakÚ       t       t

As you can see it *works* for a dump.

>   I guess I should submit this as a bug
>to the maintainers of the psql program.

Are you sure the problem is in the INSERT ?

And let's admit you're right, isn't there a way to do something in the JDBC 
driver ?
Or is there a way to correct the database ?


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