On 24 Oct 2001 17:51:56 +0200, Denis Bucher wrote:
> You exactely have the same problem as I have.
> And my base is also UNICODE...

> Well, are you sure ? With *all* tools, that can be psql or pgdump_all, 
> everything seems
> right, look at an extract of a dump :
> 6       6       PPN     Nigiri mixte    t       t
> 7       7       PNS     Nigiri sakÚ     t       t
> 8       8       PNT     Nigiri maguro   t       t
> 9       9       PNM     Nigiri sakÚ maguro      t       t
> 43      43      PSM     Petit Nigiri maguro     t       t
> 44      44      PSS     Petit Nigiri sakÚ       t       t

        Maybe you'll just have to force charset at connexion opening just like
this : 
        Connection conn =

You can force charSet to different values. There's a complete paragraph
on Postgresql doc on supported charsets.

        Hope it would help.
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