* Peter Eisentraut <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
| Per-Olof Norén writes:
| > The Ant build system is making its way to be a "de facto" standard for building 
|java applications as
| > it is built for the purpose.
| Make as been the standard for building any application for about 30 years.
| GNU-style configure has been the standard for configuration management for
| about 10 years.  Windows NT and Visual Basic have been the standard for
| enterprise computing for 5 years.  Thank you very much. ;-)

I can't your point or the joke, please enlighten me ;-)

make is AFAIK the most common build program, but that doesn't mean 
that the tool is ideal everywhere. Progress is possible you know, evolutionary
or revolutionary. GNU Make has been evolutionary, Ant is revolutionary.  

configure management is certainly a lot more than configure. I would 
argue that CVS is the most important configuration management tool, but the
issue is of course broader.

But anyway this off topic, what need to have is a build process that works 
nicely and I think including the ant binaries(around 500k) would be the
best solution here. 

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