Title: RE: [JDBC] Ant installation (and other) issues!

Why is this such a big issue?  Shipping the Ant binary would be like shipping the make binary, which seems silly to me.  However, I would far prefer to use Ant to build the JDBC driver.  So, is it not possible to simply maintain a Makefile.in, and a build.xml, and then people can specify --with-java-ant or --with-java-make on the configure command line?  And if you specify --with-java without specifying a build tool, then it uses make.  And the build.xml should be for the current production version of Ant, unless otherwise agreed by the developers for some or other good reason.

At the end of the day, there are some versions of make which just won't build Postgres, because of some or other proprietary stuff, or because they are buggy, or whatever.  Same goes for Ant.  If you want to use Ant, you either use the latest production release, or you're on your own.

What's the big deal?  I'm sure there is at least one person in each 'camp' who is willing to maintain the Makefile.in or build.xml respectively.  Isn't there?


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Seems like the debate has flared again.

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> > But anyway this off topic, what need to have is a build process that
> > nicely and I think including the ant binaries(around 500k) would be
> > best solution here.
> 500k of binaries?  You just lost the argument.  That's not an
> amount of overhead to add to the Postgres distribution.

I don´t see why the size of ant will be a problem. Could you please
to me?

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