Gunnar Rønning writes:

> | * In numerous attempts I have failed to convince Ant to place the built
> | files in a tree different from the source tree.  This really makes it a
> | pain to build for multiple architectures (in Java, architecture =
> | different jdk).
> <javac srcdir="${src}"
>          destdir="${build}"
>          classpath="xyz.jar"
>          debug="on"
>   />
> Is that what you want ?

Yes, but ant refused to recognize the srcdir as absolute and thinks it's
relative to the build dir.  (Or at least it was something stupid like
that; it's been a while.)

> >From the Ant manual :
> It is possible to use different compilers. This can be selected with
> the "build.compiler" property.

Yeah, but how do you set the "build.compiler" property?  This requires
pretty advanced knowledge.

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