* Peter Eisentraut <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
| The use of Ant originally seemed attractive because it would solve the
| detection of the jdk version, the portable invocation of the compiler, and
| the dependency generation.  However, I must currently consider this
| experiment a failure, because for each problem Ant solves it introduces a
| load of worse problems into the system.  Thus, if we can agree to work out
| a configure/make-based system for the next release I would be very much
| for it.

What are the pro and cons for each approach ?

Would it be unfeasible to include the ant binary in the distribution or is
there other problems as well ?

If we use make I guess we could use jikes to generate dependency files for
make, but that does give use much as we then will require jikes for 
developers. Another alternative is make clean or manual approaches. 

I would say that we have two primary concerns here :

1. A build process that JDBC developers find convenient and productive
   to work with.

2. A build process that the users find convenient. Downloading things 
   like Ant is not helping them. 

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