Tom, have you considered using PGC_USERLIMIT for the existing
default_transaction_read_only variable?  You could allow admins to turn
it on and off, but non-admins could only turn it on.


Tom Lane wrote:
> Sean Chittenden <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> >> I'm not objecting to the idea of being able to make users read-only.
> >> I'm objecting to using GUC for it.  Send in a patch that, say, adds
> >> a bool column to pg_shadow, and I'll be happy.
> > How is that any different than ALTER USER [username] SET
> > jail_read_only_transactions TO true?  It sets something in
> > pg_shadow.useconfig column, which is permanent.
> But it has to go through a mechanism that is designed and built to allow
> that value to be overridden from other places.  I think using GUC for
> this is just asking for trouble.  Even if there is no security hole
> today, it's very easy to imagine future changes in GUC that would
> unintentionally create one.
>                       regards, tom lane
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