Christoph Dalitz wrote:
> > Please send in a patch.  Else, someone else is going to try to fix it with
> > less guarantees that it will work afterwards.
> > 
> Ok. I can do the following:
>  a) Write documentation how the win32 console needs to be set up so that
>     psql can handle 8-bit characters.
>     Where should it be added? The Section "Installation on Windows" in the
>     Administrator's Guide seems natural to me.
>  b) Add code to psql that prints a warning on startup of psql when the
>     console codepage differs from the windows codepage, something like
>       Warning: Console codepage (850) differs from windows codepage (1252)
>                8-bit characters will not work correctly. See PostgreSQL
>                documentation "Installation on Windows" for details.
> Unfortunately there seems to be no automatic solution to the "console codepage 
> problem",
> because the windows codepage does not work with the default console font.
> Thus the user must tweak his console settings in any case and I think a warning
> is the best to remind the user of this issue.
> Please let me know whether this "solution" would be ok. Then I can do it on Monday.

Sounds good.

> @Bruce:
> -------
> Could you please already remove the WIN32_CONSOLE and OemToChar/CharToOem stuff
> from psql? Sorry for the inconvenience generated by my ignorance.


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