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Manfred Spraul <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> - OemToChar() and CharToOem() convert all console input/output. In the 
> long run this might be the better solution, if it works entirely without 
> user intervention. I'm not sure if it's possible to get all corner cases 
> right.
I do not think that it is possible to handle all cases automatically.
Even restricting the conversion to input/output on stdin/stdout will fail in
some circumstances; eg. with the command "psql < script.sql" when the
script has been written with a windows editor (notepad, emacs or whatever).

That's why we introduced the WIN32_CONSOLE parameter, which was admittedly
not such a good idea and should be withdrawn.

Instructing the user how to set up the console so that 8-bit characters work
once and forever is the "rigth way" IMHO. The user will also profit from this
lesson when he uses some other console application, eg. the sqlite SQL-shell.

I will send in the "Win32 console setup instructions" next week.


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