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On Thu, 11 Sep 2003, Tom Lane wrote:

Bruce Momjian <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> The problem with waiting for 7.5 is that we will have no error
> reporting when our non-spinlock code is being executed, and with
> Opteron/Itanium, it seems like a good time to get it working.

Well, as long as you're prepared to reduce the list of known supported
platforms to zero as of 7.4beta3, and issue a fresh call for port

I didn't think we had done that yet ... had we? called for port reports, that is ... ?

But it seems to me that this is mostly a cosmetic cleanup and therefore
not the kind of thing to be doing late in beta.  Couldn't we do
something that affects only Opteron/Itanium and doesn't take a chance
on breaking everything else?

I just went through the whole patch myself, and as much as I like the overall simplification, I tend to agree with Tom here on questioning the requirement to do suck a massive change so late in the end cycle ... is there no smaller bandaid that can be applied to handle the Opteron/Itanium issue for v7.4, with the "cleanup patch" being applied right away after v7.4?

Bruce sent me a copy of the patch, and it ****BREAKS**** UnixWare (If y'all care).


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