Tom Lane wrote:
> Bruce Momjian <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> > Looking at the code, I wonder if we already have folks not using
> > spinlocks, and not even knowing it.  I don't think problem reports will
> > be limited to new platforms.
> Very likely --- I heard from someone recently who was trying to run
> HPUX/Itanium.  After we got past the hard-wired assumption that HPUX
> == HPPA, it was still giving lousy performance for lack of spinlocks.
> I like the part of the patch that is in-your-face about that.
> > I just learned from Larry that Unixware defines intel as i386, not
> > __i386 or __i386__, at least of the native SCO compiler that he uses.
> [blink]  Namespace infringement 'r us, huh?
> > I am going to test for __cpu, __cpu__, and cpu on non-gcc compiler for
> > consistency.  It is only done in one place in the patch, so that should
> > be good.
> Please, only the first two.  Make the Unixware template add __i386__.
> Don't add assumptions about valid user-namespace symbols.


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