Rod Taylor wrote:
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> > > I have not heard from you why we should make it harder (split across two
> > > lines), except for consistency with log_statement and log_duration
> > > outputs.
> I think this is a perfectly good argument. Don't make writing the tools
> to parse the log more difficult than necessary.
> Rather than making the log files look nice, lets add a module to PgAdmin
> that can read it and display it in a user friendly manner (with
> abilities like sorting queries by execution time!). 
> > Should we instead convert newlines to "\n" and output the query as a
> > single line?  Do we have lots of other multi-line outputs in the log
> > files?
> Please don't. Or if you do, don't data unless you intend to escape
> special characters (in this case \) at the same time so we can convert
> it back to the original state.

OK, I coded to convert newline to "\n", carriage return to "\r", and
backslash to "\\".  This might cause confusion if you are doing:

        INSERT INTO tab VALUES ('\b');

which outputs as:

        INSERT INTO tab VALUES ('\\b');

but I see your point that we should be accurate.  Actual output is:
        LOG:  duration: 1.762 ms; insert into ii values ('\\b');

Another example:

        LOG:  duration: 4.228 ms; select *\nfrom pg_language;

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