Bruce Momjian <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
>            Sets a minimum statement execution time (in milliseconds)
>            above which a statement will be logged.  All SQL statements
>            that run longer than the time specified will be logged together
> !          with their actual duration.  Setting this to zero will print
> !          all queries with their durations.  Minus-one (the default)
> !          disables time-based logging.  For example, if you set it
>            to <literal>250</literal> then all SQL statements that run longer
> !          than 250ms will be logged.

You're being very unclear, not to say self-contradictory, as to whether
the condition is "> value" or ">= value".  I suspect it is really the
latter but this description sure doesn't convey the fact.

>            Only superusers can increase this or set it to zero if this option
>            is set to non-zero by the administrator.

If you're changing the "off" state to -1 then this last sentence is now
wrong, no?  Also, do the non-superuser adjustment constraints in guc.c
still work correctly with this meaning (probably so, but it needs to be

                        regards, tom lane

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