ViSolve Open Source Team wrote:
> Subject: PostgreSQL Patch: Modified Test-and-set routine for HP-UX (IA-64) 
> specifically for the HP-C compiler
> With reference to Tom Lane's response to our previous patch request  (at
> this is a modified and more focussed patch request for PostgreSQL for for HP-UX
> 11i V2  for the Intel Itanium architecture  (known to the PostgreSQL code as
> IA-64). 

Peter mentioned:

> What is this line all about?
> +#if defined(__HP_aCC) || defined(__HP_cc)
> There are no other compilers supported, so this seems redundant.

OK, I will remove this check.

Peter also mentioned:

> You're doing this:
> -TMPFILE="$TMPDIR/genbkitmp$$.c"
> +TMPFILE="$TMPDIR/genbkitmp$$.h"
> I'm afraid this will not fly, because calling the preprocessor is only
> portable on .c files.  Generally, it's also unwise to rely in this kind of
> subtle side effect.  We need a general solution.

Can you give us a way to test for your preprocessor?  Is there some
unique output like --version or -V that we can test and use *.h only in
that case?

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