Tom Lane wrote:
> It appears that there was once provision to do more interesting things
> via cpp: the Makefile and genbki shell script contain provisions to
> pass additional switches to cpp, which presumably might be used to
> insert "-D" switches so that identifiers could be expanded to something
> else in the BKI data.  But we aren't using that, and have not done so
> for a very long time.  Instead we expect itself to replace
> everything that needs replacing (NAMEDATALEN etc).  I see no reason
> why we'd abandon that technique in favor of using cpp again.
> So I propose that we remove the cpp invocation and associated
> infrastructure from  Any objections?

I was wondering why the quote merging was happening only for *.c file in
HP's cpp.  And if it is legal for *.c, why not for *.h, and why doesn't
it hit us with other compilers.

Looks like we are not using awk for all the subsitutions.  Removing the
cpp call seems like a great idea.

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