Joe Conway <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> name       | name_data_len
> setting    | 63
> short_desc | Shows the maximum identifier length

Defining the value as NAMEDATALEN-1 is reasonable (I was thinking of
suggesting that myself), but it seems like a recipe for confusion to
use name_data_len to refer to NAMEDATALEN-1.  Perhaps the GUC variable
name should be max_name_len or some such.

Also, should func_max_args and index_max_keys become max_func_args and

I'm not all that concerned about the names personally, but I want to
forestall any temptation for Bruce to start renaming these values later,
as he's felt free to do in the past ;-).  My expectation is that the
names of these GUC variables will get embedded into client-side code
fairly quickly, and so it will not do to fool around with the names
later.  We must decide what the naming convention is and then stick to

                        regards, tom lane

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