Bruce Momjian wrote:
Joe Conway wrote:
name | block_size

OK. Should that be page_size? Not sure but block size sounds more like a hardware setting. I know we call it BLCKSZ in our code but page size seems more appropriate. Not sure.

Seems like block_size is more appropriate to me. Any other opinions out there? In bufpage.h I see this description of a page:

 * A postgres disk page is an abstraction layered on top of a postgres
 * disk block (which is simply a unit of i/o, see block.h).

I guess the ral question is whether the uses for this information really care about block size or page size -- i.e. if they weren't the same, which would be the one you want to know?

name       | func_max_args
name       | index_max_keys
Should that be max_func_args and max_index_args?  Seems more natural.
Should we spell out function?  Probably.  We already have

Agreed. Now: name | max_function_args name | max_identifier_length name | max_index_keys

name       | integer_datetimes
short_desc | Datetimes are integer based

This one has me confused. "Datetimes are integer based" is a statement, as is the variable name. Should it be "integer_datetime_storage" or something else?

Well the configure option is: --enable-integer-datetimes so "integer_datetimes" seemed natural to me.

The description is a statement because the option is boolean, i.e. the statement "Datetimes are integer based" is either "true" or "false" ("on" or "off", etc). How stongly do you feel about it? I don't think "integer_datetime_storage" is accurate in any case.

name | name_data_len
Is "name" a good description, or is "identifier" better, identifier_length?

Agreed -- see above.


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