> ISO 8601 gives more specific names.
>   ISO 8601 Basic Format:         P2Y10M15DT10H20M30S
>   ISO 8601 Alternative Format:   P00021015T102030
>   ISO 8601 Extended Format:      P0002-10-15T10:20:30
> In a way, the Extended Format is kinda nice, since it’s
> almost human readable.
> I could put in both the basic and extended ones, and
> call the dateformats “iso8601basic” and “iso8601extended”.
> The negative is that to do “iso8601basic” right, I’d also
> have to tweak the “date” and “time” parts of the code too.

        Perhaps all three formats should be supported, and if the following 
names were all valid things could be simplified further too:


        The reason for allowing shorter names is to simplify database 
management for anyone who may need to store the format name in a column for 
some reason (I can't think of one now, but I get a feeling that someone 
will want to do this type of thing in the future).

        For that matter, the first letter could be used instead of the first 
three for the short versions.  Any thoughts on this?

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