[patch edited + resubmitted for review; not for committing]

Hi Tom,

figuring that, on balance, you are in fact going to prefer to take a
potential future hit in duplicated work (in passing context in the fork/exec
case) over moving the client auth code to PostgresMain, I've just gone ahead
and made a patch that implements your BackendFork ideas...

Please let me know:

* if the changes to the BackendFork / SubPostmasterMain logic are more or
less what you envisaged, and if you are content with them [Note: we can also
roll BackendInit back into BackendFork, making BackendFork (now BackendRun?)
pretty much exactly as it was before the fork/exec changes began]

* if you are content with the above, whether or not you think I ought to do
the same for the SSDataBase logic. I'm hoping for a negative, as the #ifdef
logic is not as convoluted as that originally presented in BackendFork (ie.
to me, it looks like overkill in this case), but anticipating otherwise :-)

* are you ok with the pgstat changes (I'm guessing yes, as you haven't
mentioned them, and since these changes are pretty similar to what you
suggested for BackendFork)


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