Claudio Natoli wrote:
> Hi Bruce,
> > Claudio, where are we on this patch?  I see an even newer version in the
> archives:
> > 
> >     
> >
> [Weird you and Google groups "missed" it!]

No, seems only _I_ missed it.  The google display for groups:

Doesn't show individual messages but lists threads, _and_ it shows the
date of the last message in the thread, rather than the first.  That's
how I missed it.  How I missed it my mailbox, I have no idea.  Sorry.

> > Anyway, Tom has looked at your newest patch and it looks good to him.
> I'm happy with the patch from the link above being committed if Tom has no
> more comments. Was only waiting for a final nod from him.

Thanks.  Applied.

> Once it is in the source tree, give me a couple days and I'll fire off a
> patch with the actual CreateProcess calls... and then we are off into Win32
> signal land [shudder].


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