Tom Lane wrote:
> I think the simplest way to make this work is to use an array that's 
> 2*MaxBackend items long (corresponding to the max number of children the
> postmaster will fork).  

Actually, now that I think about it, is even that big enough. There is a
reason BackendList is a list. In pathological situations, the postmaster
could be made to fork a much larger number than 2*MaxBackend simultaneous
children, although only this many will be allowed to become backends.
(I guess we could check the port->canAcceptConnections value, and not add
the backend to the array when == CAC_TOOMANY).

> There is no race condition possible for the ProcessCancelRequest case --- 
> the sub-postmaster that spawned an active backend must have found its 
> entry before it could have sent the cancel key to the client, so any 
> valid cancel request from a client must reference an already-existing 
> entry in the array.

Make sense. Great.

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