Bruce Momjian wrote:

Claudio Natoli wrote:

Tom Lane writes:
> Actually, on further reflection a separate array to store PIDs and
cancel keys is probably a better idea. [snip]
> I still think it's unnecessary to make a separate shmem segment for it,

Why is that? Don't we need the backends to have access to it to do a cancel
request? I think I've missed something here...

I think they are saying put the cancel key inside the existing shared memory segment. I don't know when we actually attach to the main shared memory sigment in the child, but it would have to be sooner than when we need the cancel key.

I said move it into the PGPROC structure. And keep the pid in both, the PGPROC structure and postmaster local memory.

The backend attaches to the shared memory during AttachSharedMemoryAndSemaphores() ... where else?


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