Claudio Natoli wrote:
> Tom Lane:
> > Per Jan's comment, there is no need to mess with the existing
> > datastructure.  I'd think more of *copying* the dllist into some array
> > in shared memory.  This is code that would only need to exist in the
> > Windows port.
> (I thought Jan was referring to the PGPROC struct)
> This just seems a little odd to me. I mean, they are going to be basically
> identical (they'll even use the same struct!).

Seems you should use an array of "struct bkend" or "Backend" as storage
in shared memory.  I think the problem with Dllist is that it is
dynamically allocated and I don't see how that could be done cleanly in
shared memory.  I think that's why the array idea seems best.

> Also, let's get back to why we want this: to handle processCancelRequest in
> the Win32 case. If this array is in Windows only, then we'll obviously need
> two implementations of the processCancelRequest logic.
> Or I'm missing something...

Looking up they key would have to be different for fork and fork/exec.

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