--- Neil Conway <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Brian Moore <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> > please find attached my support for printing/exporting
> > xml from postgresql.
> A few quick comments:
> - why is it necessary to include an entire hash table implementation?
>   Why does this code require a hash table to begin with, considering
>   the relatively small size of pg_type? ISTM something far simpler
>   (for example, a dynamically allocated sorted array and a binary
>   search) would be sufficient.

it's not necessary. i ran tests and the hashtable lookup was faster
(though not by too much) than the bsearch for the data with which
i populated the table.

> - testing code doesn't belong in libpq

agreed. that was an obvious error -- i'll look into that.

> - you'll need to update the libpq docs

agreed. i haven't updated the docs yet -- i was
waiting to see if the patch got accepted. if
the patch will be accepted i will do a lot
more work for libpq.

> - you should follow the libpq API naming convention: the function
>   should be look like some variant of PQresultAsXML()

okay. i didn't get feedback on this when i posted the
first time. this is easy to change.

> - context diffs are the preferred format

yeah, sorry, i remembered that right after sending the
patch. "-Naur" is so cute (of backus fame) that it's
hard to shake. any future patches will be in context

thanks lots for the feedback,


> -Neil

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