I assume the group agreed that adding XML to libpq was the way to handle
XML, with a hook in psql to call it.

I also see this copyright on one of the files:

+ * Hash Table Data Type
+ * Copyright (C) 1997 Kaz Kylheku <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
+ *
+ * Free Software License:
+ *
+ * All rights are reserved by the author, with the following exceptions:
+ * Permission is granted to freely reproduce and distribute this software,
+ * possibly in exchange for a fee, provided that this copyright notice appears
+ * intact. Permission is also granted to adapt this software to produce
+ * derivative works, as long as the modified versions carry this copyright
+ * notice and additional notices stating that the work has been modified.
+ * This source code may be translated into executable form and incorporated
+ * into proprietary software; there is no requirement for such software to
+ * contain a copyright notice related to this source.
+ *

I assume this copyright is compatible with our BSD copyright.

Your patch has been added to the PostgreSQL unapplied patches list at:


I will try to apply it within the next 48 hours.


Brian Moore wrote:
> hello,
> please find attached my support for printing/exporting
> xml from postgresql. psql has been modified to take
> an additional command line argument (-M) to print xml
> and the file fe-printxml.c has been added. additionally,
> i have added an extra function to libpq, PGresult_as_xml
> thanks,
> b
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Content-Description: postgresql-7.4.1.add_xml_export_support.patch

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