Bruce Momjian wrote:

Andrew Dunstan wrote:

Attached is a patch for tagging log lines produced by backends. It is not quite ready for application - this is for people to look over and play with.

For my testing I used the following settings:

log_connections = true
log_disconnections = true
log_line_info = '%T [%P] [EMAIL PROTECTED](%C:%S) %I line:%L '
log_statement = true
log_hostname = true
log_source_port = true

Comments welcome

(Rod Taylor has suggested adding in escapes for remote host and remote port. This can be done easily enough - I want to call a halt at some stage and get the basics of this in. Extending it will then be easy).
#log_disconnections = false
#log_duration = false
#log_pid = false
+ #log_line_info = '' # e.g. '<%U%%%D> ' + # %U=username %D=databasename %C=sessionid
+ # %P=PID %T=timestamp %L=session line number
+ # %S=session start timestamp %I=command tag
+ # %%=%
#log_statement = false

Nice. Only two comments --- does this mean we should remove log_pid? Seems it is now duplicate functionality. Is that the only duplication?
Also, I don't see any documention changes in the patch, but I assume you
will work on that before final.

I will do docs. We could sensibly get rid of log_pid and log_timestamp with my latest patch. I would also suggest getting rid of log_source_port, since there really isn't any reason *not* to log the source port. Do you want me to make those changes in my patch? Or I can leave them for now and we can get rid of them when everyone is happy.



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