Peter Eisentraut wrote:

Andrew Dunstan wrote:

Attached is a patch for tagging log lines produced by backends. It is
not quite ready for application - this is for people to look over and
play with.

For my testing I used the following settings:

log_connections = true
log_disconnections = true
log_line_info = '%T [%P] [EMAIL PROTECTED](%C:%S) %I line:%L '
log_statement = true
log_hostname = true
log_source_port = true

Comments welcome

I'm wondering, why did you choose to use capital letters, when normally the % codes are lower-case letters when possible? I think lower-case letters are easier to read.

I did it to differentiate them from standard printf escapes. I don't feel strongly about it, though. I'm currently prepping a final patch and docs, so I'd be grateful for an early consensus on this.



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