Oh, I also renamed it to "log_line_prefix", which was one of your
suggestions.  And I also updated some of the documentation phrasing.

I also marked the TODO item as completed.



Andrew Dunstan wrote:
> I think this is now ready for application, unless someone objects.
> Since the last patch I posted, I have done the following:
> . changed the escapes to lower case, as Peter prefers. This is also in 
> line with what Apache does, which is the nearest equivalent I can think of.
> . added 2 new escapes: %r = remote host and port and %x says "postmaster 
> and friends stop here".  Postmaster and friends will also ignore any 
> escapes they see that don't make sense (specifically %u %d %i %r %s and 
> %c). However, they no longer ignore the whole facility. This means we 
> can use it for logging (for example) timestamps and pids in all cases.
> . added docco
> . changed source port reporting from host:port to host(port) to avoid 
> IP6 address ambiguity.
> If someone wants to monkey with the name of the facility, it shouldn't 
> be hard. I don't like plain "log_line", though. "log_line_prefix" or 
> "log_line_tag" both seem to me better alternatives.
> After this is applied (fingers crossed) and everyone is happy, I will 
> submit a patch to remove log_timestamp, log_pid and (if we are agreed on 
> it) log_source_port.

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