On Sun, 2004-03-07 at 17:54 -0500, Tom Lane wrote:
> Neil Conway <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> > A few comments on the module:
> > - can you include some licensing information? "Distributed under the 
> > same terms as PostgreSQL, Copyright ..." should be sufficient unless 
> > you'd prefer another license
> Actually, it had better be "same terms"; we are going to start being
> picky about that for contrib modules.  (I have a TODO I've been ignoring
> to try to bring the existing contrib modules into line.)

Both modules are intended to be on the same terms as PostgreSQL. I can
submit a patch to the README files to make that clear. Question: should
the copyright be in the name of PGDG or me? (I cannot envisage doing
anything with the module that the PostgreSQL licence would prevent, so I
don't think I need to maintain copyright ownership of it)

> > - the readme for both 'contrib/xml' and 'contrib/xml2' is called 
> > 'README.pgxml', yet neither module is actually named 'pgxml'

Oops - I didn't catch that in testing because it's not needed for the
module to work.... I am loathe to change the installed .so name
(pgxml_dom) for the old module (it might be in people's dump files, I
suppose) so I suggest that renaming the xml/README to README.pgxml_dom
will at least associate the README with the library and sql files. There
are no other files that conflict (the so and sql files have different

The new one is called pgxml (it produces pgxml.so and pgxml.sql) but if
we want to be consistent, perhaps it should be xml2 instead? I'm really
not hung up on the name -it's only a Makefile setting.

In response to Neil's earlier point about configuration of include and
library paths - that's on my personal TODO for the module. The relevant
flags can be retrieved using xml2-config --cflags and xml2-config --libs
(assuming a sane install of libxml2), but I haven't worked out how to
cleanly set these in a module Makefile. I'll have another look at it.



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