Tom Lane wrote:
> Neil Conway <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> > A few comments on the module:
> > - can you include some licensing information? "Distributed under the 
> > same terms as PostgreSQL, Copyright ..." should be sufficient unless 
> > you'd prefer another license
> Actually, it had better be "same terms"; we are going to start being
> picky about that for contrib modules.  (I have a TODO I've been ignoring
> to try to bring the existing contrib modules into line.)

I have updated both README's to say it has the same BSD copyright as

> > - the readme for both 'contrib/xml' and 'contrib/xml2' is called 
> > 'README.pgxml', yet neither module is actually named 'pgxml'
> The readmes *must* have different filenames so that they can be
> installed without conflict.  It'd probably be best to ensure that they
> match the contrib module names.  Are there any other installable files
> in the two modules that have conflicting names?

I have renamed the README's to README.xml and README.xml2 to match /contrib
directory names.

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